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Exclusive re-useable Hamster Treat Box different treats.
The re-useable box keeps the treats dry and fresh.
comes complete with a list of products and a guide fact sheet.
Packed with delicious Treats for your Hamster.
Please NOTE recommendations for Treats. (Do not overindulge)
Box size : Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height): 20cm x14cm x 3.2 cm
BOX 1 
Dried Banana 
Fruit and berry mix (Banana, Apricot, rosehips cranberries, pineapple, Aronia berries, Papaya.)
Meal worm.
Dried Meal worms
Dried Pea flakes
Sunflower/Pumkin seeds
Premium veg mix (parsnips, pea flakes beetroot, faked carrot).
Coriander stalks.
Pear sticks
Apple sticks
1 Crocodile Whimzee


Box 2
Yogurt drops.
Dried Meal worms
Pea flakes.
Dried diced apple.
Oat Groats.
Dried cucumber
Chicory root. root medley (mix of dried roots)
1 Crocodile Whimzee

Treat Box - Hamsters!

PriceFrom £13.99