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Comes with extra tile Free 


Floor Standing cooling tile tray.
The tray is ideal to provide your pet with a place to relax and cool down.

The Shelf is designed with a finger hole to enable you to easily pop out the cooling tile, to enable you to wipe down,and clean the tile.

Place the tile in the fridge and then place in shelf in the bottom of the cage.
Free second tile to have one ready to change in the fridge as needed!

 The shelf is made from kiln dried pine wood, inlaid with a  Back and white effect Porcelain tile.  patterns will be randomly selected ( we will match the free tile when possible)


size ; Approx. L 9.5" x W 9.5" 

Due to size we would not recommend  to be attached higher in the cage

Special Offer!! Cooling Tile Shelf