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Boredom Breaker Hyacinth Tunnel ,
It is perfect for pets to play in, sleep in and chew. 
Play, sleep and chew this 100% natural water medium hyacinth tunnel from Rosewood Naturals is the perfect boredom breaker for rabbits, guinea pigs and more. Ideal for filling with bedding and treats these natural tunnels will keep their teeth and claws healthy as they nibble away at the walls, and they will be completely
 comfortable when they settle inside for one of their daily naps.
Made from 100% natural water hyacinth and rattan material with no glue,
 plastic or metal. 


Small 9 x 22 cm
Medium size 25 cm x 14 cm
Large size 30cm x 20cm Approx.

Hyacinth Tunnel

PriceFrom £5.99

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