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Introducing our Au Naturals Enrichment Pack 1 -

A bounty of natural delights to stimulate and engage your pet! I

Consists of:

6 Natural loofah

1 Large Pumice stone 

5 x Small Pumice stones

5 X Small Rattan Balls 

10 x Home grown Apple Sticks

10 x Home grown Pear Sticks 

2 x Natural palm spring coils 

3 x Small Vine Webs

3 small Jute Sticks

1 x Vine Leaf 

1 x Medium vine Heart 

2 x Small vine Wreaths

3 Mini vine Stars 


With the Au Naturals Enrichment Pack 1, you can provide your pet with hours of entertainment and enrichment, all sourced from the finest natural materials.

Au Naturals Enrichment pack 1


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