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Kiln dried/ hideaway/house /den/nest box.
Plenty big enough for 2 Pets.


The wing nut fixings allow the house to be safely secured to the roof of the cage OR side of the cage or place d free standing ,

Please select hanging options before checkout roof hanging, side hanging, free standing.


Length 11.5 Inch  (29-30 cm )
Width 7.5 -8 inch wide( approx. 20cm )
Height 8.5 inch (approx. 22cm)
Ledges each side 3 inch (Approx. 7-8cm)
6 fittings to attach to cage 
Entry holes are 5.inch  X 5 inch (Approx. 12-13 cm)

Large Hanging Hideaway House

PriceFrom £29.99