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Dig box. tower,chamber with over spill or used as sand bath for Hamsters ,Gerbils Mice.Made from kiln dried pine No nails ,No screws, No staples.Dimension;Width 7.5 inchHeight 8 inchLength 17 inch Hole size 3.5 inch dig box internal measurements approx 6.5 inch x 6.5 inch x 7.5 inchsand box/over spill 6 inch x 4 inch depth is 1 3/4 inch

A fantastic product for small pets like hamsters, mice, and gerbils! Allowing them to exhibit their natural instincts to dig and burrow is essential for their well-being and mental stimulation. Providing a larger space for them to do so is even better as it gives them more freedom to explore and engage in their natural behaviors.

Dig Box with Pit ,Tower, Chamber